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Gay Marriage

As I said before, I was gonna ask you all for your comments on gay marriage and then I was gonna write my own opinion. If this offends anyone, comment. If this interests anyone, comment. If you couldn't care less, read another entry.

My opinion is that gay marriage should be allowed. I'll give you a couple of reasons. First, if someone married on the other side of the world, country, state, city, county, block from you, would if affect you in any way? If yes, then how would two people, of the same or opposite sex getting married in some place in the world, affect your day-to-day life? If no, then why care if they are the same sex or different? If it does bug you, is it because you think that it's digusting for two people of the same sex to be together or because you think it goes against the Bible? The first choice wouldn't make a difference. Think about it. What do you think is really disgusting or disturbing? Does it happen in some place in the world? Do you have any power to change it? Does is in some way become a detriment to your lifestyle? Just cause somebody eats Mustard ice cream doesn't mean that mustard ice cream should be banned because the great majority doesn't like it. It doesn't affect anyone but the person eating it. So why does gay marriage affect people that are not getting married? Maybe it's cause straights are selfish. Blacks can marry but the bible says people of different races shouldn't be allowed. Divorced people shouldn't get married. Women shoudl not be allowed to get pregnant because they will be unclean for quite a while if they do. They Bible says many things and so far we've lived very well without all these extra teachings. Why change now? What have gays done to anyone to bring upon the "wrath of God?"

Also, is it a reason to prohibit them from getting married because of the fact that they can't produce kids? They can always adopt kids that STRAIGHT people leave behind. Would these kids be altered is some way by having gay parents? Chances are they probably would be just like they would be under any circumstance. If they grow up and don't like their parents' lifestyles then they can always tell the parents that things aren't working out and move out or something back to an orphan home or a boarding school. If not, they might actually ACCEPT gays in society but not necessarily become gay themselves. Just cause someone accepts gays in our community doesn't mean that they are gay. They might have a certain inclination towards being gay but there are numerous straight people that support gay marriage. Most of the information that both sides gives are in 1800+ comments on the Student Center poll. Some comments are ad hominem and others are pointless but some really show how each side thinks. I could go on and on about what those are but if you took the time to read this then you can probably read one, two or more comments on that poll.

For now I'll leave it at this since I only know of one person that has read this. I'll put more if people comment/ask/insult/disagree/agree/compliment or just plain say hi. Till the next time.
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