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Sure, nural implants, wireless everything, computer AI in toilets and toothbrushes, MP3 players holding 9000 songs, automatic screwdrivers, robotic slinkies are all cool, but think about it.. how reliable are these things? Not very. Take for example, right now im using a 20 yearold keybord, because my 2 month old one shut down on me. THis old one is simple..works.. has 17 screws on the back.. while the new one has 30+ screws in it, with 3 differnt types of them.Requires installation, configuration, just to type something. It has volume ajuster, web-controlls, a button to mute, shut-down your computer, so to standby, wake up, and many others. Never work. really.. how reliable is your new 500$ automatic screwdriver? By time you get done figureing otu how to use it and fixing it, i can use a normal Craftsman screwdriver and do the job faster then you can and drink a coke before you finish. And dont let me go on about wireless. Oh my god what an annoyance. Sure sure, no tripping or messyness with wires, but my god. Maby im just cursed, but wireless = doomed for me. OK I buy a brand new wireless router. YAY! No more measureing and buying wire! I hook it all up according to instruction. Turn everything on, nothing. OK prolly messed up somewhere. Nope. Ohhh I need a new ethernet card.. ok... So now ive spend 40$ on the wireless router, 2 wireless adapters for 25$ each, and 2 more wireless ethernet cards for 20$ a shot. Install everything. Still not working. Call up the company. We gotta set up every single port number, TCP/IP protocol, match the frequency waves for the wireless eternet card to the router for each computer, slam a few walls, and then your done. Riiight. Did alllll of that. Still nothing. Screw this. Take evvveeerryyything back. Buy a wired router. Pay 15$ for the wire router, 40$ for wire. Plug in the wires, and it works. Honestly.. i can deal with a few wires. Windows XP.. oh boy. OK yeah yeah its nice looking. Ive gotta admit. But it goes through sooo much for sooo little.Take this for example. My game freezes. "End program now" 5 minutes later. nothing.. do it 500 more times. hit the monitior, punch the keybord, finially it closes it, and asks me if i wish to send the error report to microsoft. That is so stupid. honestly.. ive sent it 500 times but it still happens. What is Bill Gates doing? Reading the error reports and laughing at our fusteration? Wouldn't surprise me. Rich basterd. Windows 98.. something freezes.. i click end program, it closes, and im on my way. Ahhh i could go on for houurrrsss but my fingers are currently numb. Comment on this rant please! Thanks for reading!
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