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9/11 Rememberance.

Okay, so ESPN showed showed an hour special on 9/11 (in sports view) I decided to post my feelings twords 9/11, and the people who died and faught for the country, along with other side notes. Reply wiht your comments, and your views as well.

If you dont know what happened September 11th, youve been living under a rock. But anyway. On that date, terroists hijacked 2 american airlinears, and used them to crash into the Twin Towers in NYC. Me, I was at school. In first period class (health). I was sitting 4 seats away from the TV, which was stationed in a corner. The teacher got a phone call, got a ghostly look, and turn the TV to.. i think CNN. I looked, and my eyes watered and i couldnt think. After watching the first tower collapse... my mind came to. I have family living in New York. I come from New York. This couldnt happen... this has to be fake. Then, I was watching the blooddy screms, the view of family members..innocent bystanders, firemen, police, innocent victems inside the buildings..and the teacher turned it off. The class was dead. After what seamed like an enternity, the teacher continued with class. I do not remember the rest of what happened in classes that day.. they didnt cancel anything. Hicks for you. I went home. i sat in my room, tears filled my eyes, yet i sat un-emotional staring at the TV. Scared...sad.. that i couldnt be there. Family could be lost. Freinds could be. Thousands of innocent people. dead. thier families torn. Damn the fucktards.

Now that ive gotten my side out,ill go on about other people, and the country as a whole.

Everyone in the United States was affected. Not many wanted ot go back to work. back to sports. Back to thier everyday life. Who would? Safty was feared. Thousands of people died. However, like President Bush and plenty of others stated, we must move on. We cannot let basterds put us down. So sports played a major role in bringing the moral back up. People who never before watched sports came to it. Because its our freedom, that we earned, to do so. Its our freedom to play these sports, and express Patrism twords our country while doing so. Take for example the baseball team, NY Mets. They were the first Major League sports team to host a game. beforehand, thier stadium, Shea Stadium, was a central of refuge, they used the feild for medical supplies and other supplies depots, and were the host of the first game, which spurred a huge boost of confidence across america.

Players in NY and the surrounding areas shared thier feelings.. and thier moruns for death of thier family members, and friends. Lance Armstrong shared a story. he was friends with a family whos father was a fireman who helped with 9/11. And died. During that day, Lance spent the say with them, and thier little boys cae up to hi mand asked him "Will my our daddy come home?" lance said tha the couldnt say anything but, "Your daddy is a brave man." Other playes shared the same situations..

A couple years later. 2004. Its now the War on Terrorism. Pat Tillman, was supposed to play Linebacker for the NFL team, Arizona Cardinals. However, he wanted to go with his brother in the Army Special Operations force to invade Iraq. he turned dow na contact that would have given him over 3 million dollars to go fight for his country. A couple months later, Pats infantry was ambushed in camp. Pat charged up the hill, knowing that if he can take out a good few of them, they would retreat. He did. And he was shot and died shortly doing so. He turned down millions of dollars and materials to die for his country. I have the most respect for him. However, people dont realize. Thousands and thousands and thousands of men and wemon do that everyday. They give up thier life to fight for freedom.

Eventhough there will always be opposition, the United States flag will allways stay aflight

There is much more, but I think i should end this here.
Final discussion.

People take our freedom for granted. We have the right to everything almost. A right to choose our own career, our own lifestyle, a freedom of speech, religion, and many more. Not many countries have this. They live under one single ruler, ran by him. The yare killed or imprisioned for thier own opinions. They arnet free. yet we complain. Its disguesting.

I respect thoes who fight.
I do not take this freedom for granted.
I am willing to fight for it.

post opinions, and other statements please.
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