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Response to Randy's post and Reflection on 9/11, war, etc.

It was in between first and second period when they made us go back to the dorms. None of us knew what was going on except that we've been told there had been an attack on the US. We were in Rome, Italy, and about 2 and a half hours from the military base, so we didn't get American news. I didn't hear the whole story until I recieved a phone call from my parents that night. In addition to the World Trade Center in New York, many seem to forget that the Pentagon was also attacked. Another plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. That plane was destined for the Capitol. Without the bravery of the passengers on that flight, more lives could have been lost. Unfortunately, my family lost a couple family friends from the whole tragedy. America's homeland security had been violated. You could imagine the fear in my soul when I boarded the plane to take us back home the following year. My dad had been stationed back in Great Lakes, Illinois. Security was tighter than ever. A twelve hour flight can be very nerve-racking after something like this happens, if you ask me. But ever since then, I've dedicated myself to being more aware of what goes on in the world.

Who was responsible for this tragedy?
15 Saudis, 0 Iraqis.
[but 19 terrorists total]

Some people say Mr. Bush handled 9/11 well. However, in addition to the fact that Presidents are trained how to act in times of crisis and tragedy, he presided over and had ultimate responsibility for the deaths of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan as a result of US aerial bombings that failed to locate Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the whole ordeal.

About two years later, our President randomly shifts the focus on the hunt for bin Laden & Co. to Saddam & Iraq. Out of no where [well, he gave them 48 hours to give up their non-existant WMD], on March 19, 2003, Bush declares war on Iraq. During those 48 hours beforehand, I prayed and hoped that he wouldn't actually follow through with this ridiculous plan of his. I could see right through his motives, I could sense bad things to come out of it, even worse than they were then. Protesters, once again throughout his presidency, filled the streets all across the country speaking up for what they believed in. Not only did they fill the streets in America, but across the planet. No country was willing to back us up, even the United Nations was not with us at the time. We entered by ourselves, without help, and with fewer troops than we have now.

I always disliked that "Mission Accomplished" banner that hung so arrogantly and a bit too boldly high up on that aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, that one day in May. Beneath the banner, Bush declared the end of major combat in Iraq. He said, “In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.” But one year later, it seems too soon to talk of victory in Iraq. Since May first of 2003 up until the 30th of April, 423 American troops have been killed in action. In the war zone, an insurgency threatens America’s exit strategy. In a year's time, support for the war has fallen dramatically. However, there was a point in that time frame where things seemed to finally be in favor of the President's decision to go to war. That point was the capture of Saddam Hussein on December 13, 2003. It looked like finally things were starting to look up, and a sense of hopefullness had finally filled the air.

But once 2004 rolled around, attacks and bombings, etc. became more frequent and violent. The prison scandal at Abu Ghraib stirred up more reason for violence and hatred to prevail, and everything the nobel troops had worked for to build a safe country so far had shattered into nothing. Americans, as well as Foreigners around the world, watched as the humiliating story unfolded, a story that painted an ugly face of America, one that represents the complete opposite of everything the true Old Glory stands for. American and foreigners alike have been captured and held hostage. Some have already been executed, most in a brutal, cold manner. A trend for terrorists who execute their hostages has been to dress them in detainee garments similar to those in Abu Ghraib, and then behead them. In addition, all this is captured on videotape and spread across the internet for the whole world to view their merciless revenge. People around the world doubted peace after the transfer of sovereignty June 28th, two days before the deadline. A possible civil war still lurks in Iraq's future.

We are still at war today, no matter what that banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln says. With things getting increasingly worse overseas, Bush's credibility is going down and people are starting to doubt. What really was the purpose for the war? Was it...Nuclear Proliferation? Saddam? Liberation? Terrorism? No one really seems to know, since the administration does some flip-flopping of its own. And with that said, we the people can all clearly come to the conclusion that the Iraq war is very similar to the Vietnam war. Both wars have successfully proven to us that we should only go to war when we have to go to war, not when we want to. So far, all successful war Presidents have been of the Democratic party.

Mr. Tillman was indeed a noble man. But so were the rest of the 908+ men and women who've died so far. His country is very proud of him and people like him. Since the comparing of Vietnam and Iraq is taking place, I'd like to compare Tillman to Kerry. Likewise to Tillman, John Kerry volunteered for the draft to Vietnam when he didn't have to. Likewise to Tillman, John Kerry showed great bravery and courage in [and out of] combat. Likewise to Tillman, he showed loyalty to his band of brothers and to his country. However, there are also differences. Unlike Tillman, Kerry survived his gunshot wounds. Unlike Tillman AND Kerry, President Bush skipped over 500 people on a waiting list [that's what money can buy] to get into the National Guard so he didn't have to get drafted to go fight for his country. The irony of it all is that he is running his own Vietnam, yet he doesn't even know what war is like in reality. So, if one says they respect people who fight for our country, does he or she really mean it? Does he or she respect John Kerry for all he's done for us?

And finally, now in July the 9/11 commission has released its report, and also actions that Congress and the current administration can take in order to prevent another attack. However, Congress has taken a significantly long vacation after the report was released. This was the same mistake our government made last time - going on vacation. I hate to say it, but I can feel another evil, yet clever attack in the near future. Simply because our President took a month vacation in August 2001 just before the September 11 attack, we don't have that chance to take again now.


Now I'd like to challenge these series of statements:

People take our freedom for granted. We have the right to everything almost. A right to choose our own career, our own lifestyle, a freedom of speech, religion, and many more. Not many countries have this. They live under one single ruler, ran by him. They are killed or imprisioned for thier own opinions. They arnet free. yet we complain. Its disguesting.

This is what I see almost everyday. Clearly these days nationalism is camouflaged as patriotism. Patriotism requires serious, rational thought. Nationalism requires conformity and ignorance, and demands that people not contemplate any serious thought to issues of the government and world, but instead wrap themselves in the flag and let someone else do the contemplating. Patriotism isn't threatened by the different viewpoints of the people, it understands that freedom and liberty aren't simple-minded. Nationalism fears conflict and dissent, which is why it produces outrageous slogans such as "America - Love it or Leave it". Patriotism seeks answers that benefit our nation's interest and those of the rest of the world. Nationalism believes it can win only if others lose. Patriotism seeks to win the hearts and minds of the people. Nationalism seeks to win only the hearts. This "patriotic" mindset [ie. nationalism] demands that we support the decisions of our leaders without question regardless. But politics is too important to be left up to politicians. I will speak up, I will vote, I want change, I want dissent, and I do not support our current President. If I don't agree with something, I'll speak up. Because in America, it's possible. It does not mean I hate my country, it means I exercise my rights as an American under the constitution. That is true patriotism. In this country you have the freedom to love your country and not your president or your government. It is NOT called complaining, it is called standing up for what one believes in. So why do people identify America and themselves with the military and government? Why does being anti-Bush and anti-occupation have to mean that a person is anti-American? For example, people may say they hate the war...but that doesnt mean that they hate America. Are tanks, troops, and violence the only face of America? No, they aren't the only face of America.

Im not saying we are the free-est. I can name at least 100 countries who HAVE less freedom then we do. and you know what? if you dont like current security, GET THE HELL OUT! GO to somewhere else. WE GIVE U THE DAMN FREEDOM TO! Other countries you have to smuggle to get out. Im not going into debate with this, since its not even worth the time. Its obvious That most of people who complain about these things, take freedom for granted. Go somewhere where there isnt this freedom, and dont come back here begging to us saying "I should have listened" We have the dman freedom to do sports, the freedom to play golf, the freedom t oeducation, the freedon to start our own fucking buisnesses, the freedom to say against ANYONE, the freedom to rebel, the freedom to protest, the freedom to have our own religion, the freedom to own a car, the freedom to come and go as we please, the freedom to go bankrupt, the freedom to own a computer, the freedom to use the internet, the freedom to watch TVS, the freedom to have our personal News sources, the freedom TO POST SOMETHING LIKE THIS! IF you feel like your not free, LEAVE.

Let me start with saying that we aren't as free as we used to be. The Patriot Act violates our civil liberties and privacy. For more info, go to We can't protect freedom by taking it away, and that's precisely what the Patriot Act does. Bush has also tried to pass an unsuccessful ban on gay marriage. Is that freedom to you? I think not. This also kinda ties in with my nationalism statements above^. First off, if everyone who wasn't happy with everything left the country, the economy would go way down and America would suffer greatly. Also, America wouldn't have half the people that represent it. The ones who stand up and go against the establishment. So that isn't a very wise idea. Second, there are loads of other countries who happen to be freer than us. We don't take freedom for granted, "complaining" as you say, is simply voicing ones' opinion, and that is exercising freedom. Taking it for granted would be not doing anything at all, and not cherishing it by using it. So yeah, I'll "complain", loud and proud. And I'm not going anywhere.

You can kill the protester, but you can't kill the protest. - Anti-flag

So what do you think?
Post questions, comments, ideas, insults. I don't care, just post something.

Also, please check out the previous entry before this one. It could make history.
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