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We the uncensored; eclectic opinions and debate

To sin by silence, when they should protest...makes cowards of men - Ab Lincoln

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We-the-uncensored is a debate community that discusses important issues and topics, not only to Americans, but to anyone of any nationality. This is an open-minded, compassionate, non-biased community that allows you to freely [hence the 'uncensored'] express whatever opinion you may have on something. All opinions are welcome regardless of whether one agrees or not.

Disclaimer: If you are too ignorant and immature to handle someone else's opinion that could just possibly be different from yours or different from what you agree with, then this community is not for you. Civil debate/arguments only, personal attacks will not be tolerated. I don't have time to deal with immature bullshit. Everyone has a different opinion, and a right to express it without being bashed for it. That's called the first amendment. And it's also called respect. Thanks.

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